Urban New Idea Team

Moyang Yang

Founding Partner

Moyang Yang started UNIT in 2008 shortly after co-founding METAMODE in London with Christine Hawley, Andrew Porter and AbigailAshton. He received his BArch from Hunan University and his MArch from the Bartlett, University College London. Yang is a licensed architect in China.
Through a series of critical projects and buildings, Yang has developed a reputation for designing buildings that interpret poetic spatial narratives beyond the physical presence. Above all, his work is recognized to be innovative, highly contextual and focus on critical thinking.


Hao Chen


Hao Chen is a partner at UNIT and has been responsible for many of UNIT’s featured projects. He received his BArch from Southeast University in China and is a first-class registered architect in China. Chen worked for Huayi Design for more than ten years before joining UNIT, he is a professional expert in the field.