Urban New Idea Team


UNIT  (Urban New Idea Team) is a Shenzhen based practice engaging in the fields of architecture, urbanism, and research. UNIT aims to expand the boundaries of architectural profession by privileging multidisciplinary interventions. Our work opens to a wider range of creative solutions to face the increasingly challenging contemporary urban condition. We do not regard the built form as the finality of our work , we’d rather create an evolving set of conditions, in which the building enrich its context and highlight under regarded physical and metaphysical aspects of the built and to-be-built environment. Our considerations for a better understanding of the phenomenon of urbanization and our willingness to implement poetic discourse and a critical approach orient our creation towards a better future.

Founded in 2008 by Moyang Yang, the office has been involved in a large number of groundbreaking projects. Currently, projects under construction designed by UNIT include the A8 Music Group Headquarters in Shenzhen -a skyscraper reinvented as an analogy to musical composing interface; the World Footwear Industry Base in Southern China- a group of building recalling the process of shoe-making industry.